B&B Organics Seeraga Samba Boiled Rice (Medium Grain, Boiled) (3 kg)

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Organic Seeraga Samba

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Brand                   B&B Organics

Model Name       Seeraga Samba

Rice Type   Boiled Rice

Quantity     3 kg

Texture        Boiled

Color             White

Grain Size       Medium Grain

Organic        Organic

Maximum Shelf Life    6 Months

Cuisine         Indian

Origin            Tamilnadu

Container Type     Pouch


Cooking:If it is cooked in pressure cooker, then leave for 2 to 3 whistles. Please make sure that the cooker has enough water. Soaking water should be pure water and not salty water. Mixing: Please do not mix red rice varieties with black rice varieties. Red rice should be mixed with other red rice varieties and black rice should be mixed with other black rice varieties. If one would like to mix white rice with colored rice, please mix in the ratio of 1/3 as white rice and 2/3 as colored rice. Lab test:Although B&B Organics procure their products from certified farmers, B&B Organics periodically lab test their organic products to maintain its high quality and to prevent contamination. This seeraga samba is from the house of B&B Organics.

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